Our Planning Process

Begins with you.

What are your goals and dreams? What financial concerns keep you awake at night? Why have you come seeking our help? Any trip should begin with a destination in mind. We want to know first where it is you wish to go. Then we seek to discover as much about your financial position, your risk tolerance and goals, and your investment background as we need to provide proper direction.

Helps provide guidance.

We analyze the information you provide to formulate reasonable and realistic suggestions. Your money is yours, and we will not impose our will upon you. We will, however, make suggstions we believe will help you to your goal. Once we agree upon a strategy, we then help to monitor your progress.

Hopes to restore your confidence.

Retirement can be scary as you cease to add funds to your bucket and begin to take them back out. We aim to relieve that anxiety by making sure your expectations are realistic, grounded in sound financial strategy, and monitored for results.