Welcome to Paragon Financial

Our team will help you develop financial strategies with the ultimate goal of simplifying and protecting your lifestyle. We begin by learning what is most important to you and developing strategies aligned with your personal goals and objectives.

Paragon brings to you a combined total exceeding 100 years in the financial services industry and the accumulation of knowledge gained through managing assets in that time. Our clients, regardless of which of our advisors is their primary contact can benefit from this combined pool of experience as the advisors meet regularly to discuss and react to conditions in the markets.

Clients should expect from us an approach of integrity, the continuing pursuit of education to further enhance our offering to you, and a commitment to speaking to you in terms you can understand. Additionally, you should know that our goal is to be responsive to you whenever you reach out and always to keep your interests foremost in our plans.


Dana Graves

Dana Graves, CFP® MPAS®

Senior Partner/Financial Advisor

David Hart

David Hart, CFP® MPAS®

Senior Partner/Financial Advisor

Kelly  Roark

Kelly M. Roark, CFP®

Senior Partner/Financial Advisor


Janet Byas

Janet Byas

Registered Sales Assistant

Commitment to Our Clients and Our Community

As residents and active members of the Asheville community, we have a vested interest in seeing the community thrive and in helping its residents, many of whom are our clients, neighbors, family and friends, to do the same. Our effort to enhance the lives of those we serve is supported by the extensive resources of a nationally recognized firm, Commonwealth Financial Network®, resulting in the caliber of services and experience you expect and deserve. By operating with an independent broker dealer, however, rather than as an employee of a typical brokerage house, we are able to bring these services to you with a more personal touch and through an approach we feel is in our clients best interests rather than one dictated from a faraway corporate headquarters.